SHARED DINING (25 pp) (Available on Thursday, Friday & Saturday)

Shared dining to enjoy consisting of traditional dishes freshly prepared:

Starters: Hummus, Baba ghanouch, Falafel, Bread.

Mains: Rice, Kofte in tomato sauce, Salad, and dish of the day varying from time to time.

Desserts: Choose from the menu either chia pudding or speculoos. Order for two at least!



Main dishes



13,5            Pita Falafel                                                                                                                                                       

                  Falafel (home-made Aloha recipe) Hummus, beetroot tahini,
cucumber, tomato and mesclun. Add quinoa salad? + 4,00

13,5            Chicken & Waffle 1

                  Fresh-made waffle with avocado, mesclun, tomato, olives,
 vegan chicken (home-made marinade) and sriracha sauce

13,5            Lahmacun

                  Vegan lahmacun topped with tomato, mesclun, and cucumber.

13,5            Greek gyros

                  Vegan chicken, Greek pita with salad toppings and tzatziki sauce

16,5            Pita Kofte

                  Vegan kofte, sumac onion, pomegranate syrup, paprika, parsley,
 mesclun and tomato.

16,5            Quinoa Salad 2

Beetroot, avocado, green apple, walnuts,
cucumber, tomato and balsamic-mint dressing

17,5            Chicken Salad 2

Vegan chicken pieces (with home-made marinade),
cucumber, tomato, sweet potato, sesame, and chilli-lime dressing.

18,0            Falafel Bowl 3

Salad bowl with hummus, cucumber, mesclun, fava beans, falafel (home-made Aloha recipe) and Lebanese bread.

16,0            Meat Burger 4

                  Vegan burger with tomato, pickles, vegan cheddar, home-made burger sauce. Options: sweet potato frites + 2.50 / green salad + 4,00

16,0            Pulled Jackfruit Burger 4

                  Pulled BBQ jackfruit with salad, tomato, and vegan coleslaw. Options: sweet potato frites + 2.50 / green salad + 4,00

16,0            Chicken Burger 4

                  With avocado, sriracha sauce, tomato, and home-made burger sauce. Options: sweet potato frites + 2.50 / green salad + 4,00

18,0            Kapsalon 5

                  Frites, vegan shwarma, vegan cheese, mesclun, peppers, sambal, and garlic sauce. Prefers sweet potato frites instead? + 2,50



9,0              BorrelplankSelection of warm and cold snacks served on wooden plateau.

9,0              Queso Nachos (Gluten free!) - Nachos with cheddar sauce, home-made guacamole, tomato, and salsa sauce.

9,0              Gyoza - Japanese dumplings with togarashi, soja sauce and sesame

9,0              Bitterballenvegan Dutch bitterballen with mustard sauce

4,5              Frites - with vegan mayonnaise

5,50            Sweet potato frites - with sriracha mayo

3,5              Roasted beans and nuts – Soja beans, almond and cashew nuts

4,0              Olive mix

4,5              Salad 5 – Mesclun, tomato, cucumber, olives, and pumpkin seeds

9,0              Hummus 5 – Home-made hummus with olives, fresh herbs, and Lebanese bread.

9,0              Baba ghanoush 5 – Home-made traditional dish of grilled aubergine with olives and fresh herbs, and Lebanese bread.

9,0              Mdemmis 5 – Tasty and nutritional fava beans dish, flavoured with tahini, fresh parsley, onion, tomato, and olive oil.


7,0              Speculoos - Almond pudding with spiculose, vegan caramel and banana (home-made)

7,0              Chia seed pudding - Coconut pudding with chia seeds, mango and ananas (home-made)

9,0              Waffle 1 - With home-made caramel sauce and fruit